Acrylic & Gel Aftercare Advice

1. Never use your nail extensions as tools.
2. Treat them the way you would your natural nails.
3. Do not bite, pick at or file your extentions
4. Always wear gloves when washing up.

If lifting can be seen please contact your therapist.
Tinted lotions, suntan creams and hair products can discolour your extensions.
Use a specialized acrylic/ gel cuticle oil everyday to nourish the natural nail underneath.
Do not miss your regular maintenance appointments to ensure your nails stay looking at their best and for professional removal.

Spray Tanning


1. Exfoliate.
2. Preform hair removal prior to your spray tan.
3. Don’t wear any deodorant, make-up, perfumes, jewellery or moisturier before a spray tan.
4. Wear dark, loose-fitting clothing and flip-flops.


1. Leave your tan on for at least 6 hours or overnight if possible before showering.
2. Avoid wearing tight clothing.
3. All swimming, showering and vigorous exercise must be avoided whist your tan is developing.
4. Do not sit on light coloured fabrics until you’ve showered.

Maintaining Your Tan

1. Moisturise regularly.
2. Aviod long hot baths and showers as this speeds up exfoliation.
3. Pat your skin dry after a bath or shower. Rubbing your skin may rub off your tan.
4. Avoid swimming pools as these can reduce your tan.
5. Gently buff your skin 3-4 days post tan to allow your tan to fade evenly.

Lashes & Brows

LVL Lashes

1. For the first 24 hours after your treatment do not allow water to come into contact with your lashes.
2. Do not use waterproof mascara. If mascara is worn (only use a water-based mascara).
3. Don’t rub your eyes when washing your face – always pat the lashes dry aster cleansing.
4. Ensure lashes are not manipulated into different positions (e.g when sleeping, cleansing the face, apply moisturisers or cosmetics).

Semi  Permanent Lashes

1. Do not allow water/seam to come in contact with the lashes for 48 hours
2. Do not use a mechanical eyelash curler
3. Do not rub the eyes when washing your face
4. Be gentle with your lashes
5. Only very gently pat lashes if required
6. Do not use mascara.
7. Do not pick or pull at your lashes
8. Avoid any creams, eye make-up removers, lotions, sunscreens, or cleansers containing oils on or near the lashes, as oil can loosen the bond.
9. The hair growth cycle is roughly 6-8 weeks and lashes will inevitably shed with your own lashes, it is therefore recommended that a 2-3 week maintenance treatment to be performed to top up any shed lashes.

HD Brows

1. No extreme heat treatments (e.g hot showers, saunas), swimming, sunbathing (including sun beds or any exposure to UV light) for 24 hours. Try avoid exercise or anything that makes you sweat for 24 hours.
2. Do not apply any perfumed products to the area for 24 hours.
3. Avoid the use of make-up around the brows for 24 hours apart for specialist post-treatment products.
4. No self-tanning products to the area for 24 hours,The use of harsh make-up, cleansing products could prematurely reduce your brow tint.
5. Avoid the use of such products as in-between treatments to prolong the colour retention of your tint.
6. Do not pluck or tweeze in-between appointments particularly in areas where your therapist has advised re-growth.

Body Treatments

Hopi Ear Candling

Hopi ear candling should not be used if there is any inflammation in the ear or you have had recent ear surgery.

It is often used by people with;
Glue Ear
Hayfever and Rhinitis
Excessive Ear Wax
Tension Headaches

Post treatment you may experience;
Cold like symptoms
Headache or light dizziness
Slight dryness/itching in the throat
The loss of further ear wax in the first few hours post treatment
Avoid water for 24 hours
Do not insert anything including cotton buds inside your ears
Drink plenty of water
Avoid caffeine and Alcohol

Waxing & Brazilian Aftercare

1. Avoid the sun, hot baths, saunas, jacuzzis and other heated sources for at least 24 hours to avoid irritation
2. Avoid heavy exercise for at least 24 hours
3. Do not use exfoliating products for at least 2 days after waxing, but we encourage it after this time
4. Moisturise with tea tree or lavender lotion after every shower, as this has soothing, healing and antibacterial effects.

Facial Massage & Body Treatments

1. Try to relax immediately after your treatment
2. Drink plenty of water
3. Avoid caffeine and alcohol
4. Avoid wearing make-up (post facial)

Important Information

1. Please be punctual as lateness may result in a reduced treatment time.
2. Please give 24 hours notice of cancellation if possible or a 25-50% charge may be incurred.
3. Any treatment involving tinting HD or LVL will require a patch test at least 24 hours before your treatment.
4. Please try and arrive 5 minutes prior to your appointment to get settled in, fill in a record card and have a drink.
5. We like to try and maintain a relaxed atmosphere at The Loft so please try and avoid talking/ using your mobile phone.
6. Please avoid bringing in friends/ children if you can, as we do not have a lot of space, although we can try and accommodate this if we can.

7. We do not have a ‘no children policy, but please try and respect our other clients who may wish to be in a calm/relaxing enviroment.
8. Please let us know of any changes to your medical history or personal details so we can update our records accordingly.
9. Please ask a member of staff on information regarding our returns policy on our reyail products.
10.Please follow us on our social media to hear about our latest offers.


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